Fan criticized Sonia Hussain to dress like Malaika Arora.

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Lahore: Leading Pakistani actress and model Sonia Hussain found it expensive to dress like Indian actress Malaika Arora.


According to the details, while Pakistani actresses were criticized on social media for wearing western clothes in the style award show, internet users were angry with actress Sonia Hussain for imitating Indian actress Malaika Arora.


Pictures of the dress worn by Sonia Hussain during the Style Awards show are circulating on social media platforms.


Internet users have shared a photo of Sonia Hussain with Indian actress Malaika Arora in college. In the pictures of Sonia Hussain and Malaika Arora, it can be seen that they are both wearing the same clothes.


Internet users have criticized Sonia Hussain, saying that if she wants to be a fashion icon, she will be, but this cannot be done by imitating an Indian actress.


Criticizing Sonia Hussain in the comment box of the post, Instagram users say that Pakistani actresses do not have any fashion style of their own, Pakistani actresses always follow Indian fashion.


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