John Abraham returns with his powerful action in ‘Dhoom 4’

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Mumbai: Bollywood action hero John Abraham will be a part of the new part of the popular Indian thriller series ‘Dhoom’.

‘Dhoom 4’ is yet to be officially announced but there are reports in Bollywood that the makers of the Dhoom franchise are planning to relaunch John Abraham after the success of ‘Pathan’.

Indian media has claimed from its sources that John Abraham’s villain role in ‘Pathan’ has been loved by people and it will not be a surprise if Yash Raj Films brings the actor back in a negative role in ‘Dhoom 4’.

Sources have claimed that John Abraham has been holding meetings with Yash Raj Films for quite some time now and has been spotted there several times.

‘Dhoom 1’s’ ending left it unclear if John’s character died or fled, and the new Partman can take advantage of this ambiguity.

The franchise began in 2004, and John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan, and Uday Chopra played the main characters.


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