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Born in 1958 in Australia, Kia Silverbrook is an independent scientist and inventor who has made a lasting impact on the innovation community. As of February 14, 2022, Silverbrook, well-known for being one of the world’s most prolific inventors, possessed an astounding portfolio of 9,874 patents or patent applications worldwide in addition to 4,747 US utility patents. We examine the many facets of Kia Silverbrook’s career in this analysis of his net worth, including his early years, ground-breaking inventions, and the business endeavors that influenced his financial situation.

Quick Facts about Kia Silverbrook Net Worth

Full NameKia Silverbrook
Birth Year1958
Notable RoleInventor, Scientist
Patents Granted (US)4,747 (as of February 14, 2022)
International Patents/Applications9,874 (INPADOC database)
Early CareerFairlight Instruments, Integrated Arts, CiSRA (Canon Information Systems Research Australia)
Prolific Years2008-2017 (World’s most prolific inventor)
Noteworthy Companies FoundedNetpage, Geneasys, Silverbrook Research, Superlattice Solar, Memjet
Notable InnovationsMemjet printer technology, Hyperlabel, Netpage viewer, KeyLab medical diagnostic device
Legal DisputeMemjet patent portfolio lawsuit (settled in 2012)
Estimated Net WorthApproximately $1 million
Scientific PublicationsCo-authored papers in Journal of Chemical Physics, Chemical Physics Letters, Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Ongoing FocusContinued impact on diverse industries through innovation and entrepreneurship

Early Life and Formative Years:

Kia Silverbrook, who was born in Australia in 1958, started his career in innovation in 1977 at Fairlight Instruments. His work on the first polyphonic digital sampling synthesizer, the Fairlight CMI, laid the foundation for his subsequent pursuits. The Fairlight CVI, a real-time video effects computer he invented and developed in 1984, was a notable example of his varied skill set. Silverbrook’s career path brought him to establish Integrated Arts, a computer graphics and parallel processing company, in 1985.

Executive Leadership and Prolific Invention:

Silverbrook’s career took off when he was appointed executive director of Canon Information Systems Research Australia (CiSRA) in 1990. On the basis of issued utility patents, he became the world’s most prolific inventor between 2008 and 2017. In order to handle this enormous volume of work, Silverbrook founded Priority Matters. A firm devoted to submitting his patent applications.

Legal Challenges and Resilience:

Innovation travels not without its difficulties. Regarding the Memjet patent portfolio, the George Kaiser Family Foundation sued Silverbrook in 2012. Referring to it as a “hardball commercial negotiation,” Silverbrook skillfully handled the legal nuances and came to a settlement that gave Memjet ownership of the technology.

Financial Standing:

Based on the most recent data available, Kia Silverbrook’s estimated net worth is $1 million. This figure represents the apex of his business endeavors, numerous inventions, and contributions to diverse technological fields.

Scientific Contributions:

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Silverbrook has co-authored scientific papers in prestigious journals. Showcasing his expertise in areas such as carbon nanotubes and the electronic properties of molecular systems.

Ventures and Innovations:

Because of his entrepreneurial spirit, Silverbrook founded a number of businesses and made contributions to a wide range of industries. Silverbrook’s founding of Netpage is evidence of his dedication to technological innovation. As the company’s founder and CEO, he brought Netpage’s technology to the forefront with a 1999 patent that Silverbrook Research first filed for. Another business, Geneasys, is focused on medical diagnostics and seeks to offer precise and easily accessible diagnostic tools.

Co-founded in 1994, Silverbrook Research is a center for innovation licensing, development, and research. Among the notable technologies created by Silverbrook Research are the digital pen and Netpage viewer, the Hyperlabel substitute for RFID, and the Memjet printer technology.

a. Netpage:

As the Founder and CEO of Netpage, Silverbrook leveraged technology patented by Silverbrook Research in 1999, propelling the company to prominence with features showcased in Esquire magazine.

b. Geneasys:

As the Chairman and Founder of Genesys, Silverbrook leads the development of “KeyLab,” a ground-breaking medical diagnostic tool that uses a typical smartphone to analyze DNA to diagnose multiple diseases.

c. Silverbrook Research:

Under Silverbrook’s direction, Silverbrook Research was founded in 1994 and is credited with inventing the Memjet printer technology, Hyperlabel as an RFID substitute, Netpage viewer, and digital pen technologies. According to US patents, the company has continuously been ranked in the top 200 worldwide companies.

d. Superlattice Solar:

Founded in 2011, Superlattice Solar, a thin-film solar photovoltaic company, aimed to make new solar installations economically competitive with existing fossil fuel or nuclear power plants.

Memjet Controversy:

Silverbrook was a co-founder of the printer technology startup Memjet in 2002. But in 2012, the George Kaiser Family Foundation filed a lawsuit claiming fraud and requesting ownership of the Memjet patent portfolio, sparking a legal battle. Eventually, a settlement was reached, and all legal claims were withdrawn in exchange for Memjet gaining control of the technology.

Kia Silverbrook Net Worth:

Based on the most recent data available, Kia Silverbrook’s estimated net worth is $1 million. This figure represents the height of his business endeavors, patent victories, and industry contributions.


Kia Silverbrook has demonstrated his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology through his journey from an Australian inventor to a globally recognized innovator. His wealth, which comes from his numerous inventions and business endeavors, highlights the significance of his contributions. As the mystery surrounding Kia Silverbrook’s wealth is solved, we learn more about the complex life and legacy of a visionary inventor.

FAQs about Kia Silverbrook Net Worth

What is Kia Silverbrook’s net worth?

Kia Silverbrook’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, reflecting his success as a prolific inventor and entrepreneur.

What are some notable inventions by Kia Silverbrook?

Silverbrook’s notable inventions include the Fairlight CVI, Netpage technology, Memjet printer technology, and the KeyLab medical diagnostic device.

How did Silverbrook manage his extensive patent portfolio?

To manage his numerous ideas, Silverbrook established Priority Matters, a company dedicated to filing his patents.

What legal challenges did Silverbrook face regarding Memjet?

In 2012, the George Kaiser Family Foundation filed a lawsuit against Silverbrook and Silverbrook Research, alleging fraud. A settlement was reached in May 2012, with Memjet acquiring control of the technology.


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