Meera: Give me Money to make a Film or else I will Commit Suicide.

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KARACHI: Actress Meera has threatened to commit suicide if she does not get money from the government to make a film, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his state of Madinah will be responsible for her death.

According to media reports, while talking to media at Karachi Press Club, she said that

She needs help today but maybe the people in power will come when I will sit in a wheelchair like Omar Sharif.

I am a lonely woman and responsible for the state. I have been stuck in a case for 10 years, I have not shifted to India or Dubai but I am not getting permission to get married in Pakistan.

The actress further said that the demise of Omar Sharif has caused irreparable damage to the showbiz industry. She has repeatedly requested Prime Minister Imran Khan that she needs funds to make a film but the government is not helping her.


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