Omar Sharif’s funeral prayers will be offered tomorrow in Germany.

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Umar Sharif

Omar Sharif’s funeral prayers will be offered tomorrow in Germany: Sources

Nuremberg: Funeral prayers of legendary Pakistani actor Omar Sharif, who passed away yesterday, will be offered in Germany tomorrow.

According to sources,

Omar Sharif’s funeral prayers will be offered in Nuremberg tomorrow at one o’clock in the afternoon at the local Turkish mosque.

Sources said that the body of Omar Sharif will probably be transferred to Pakistan on Tuesday while the body will be transferred from Munich to Karachi via Qatar Airways.

The late actor’s wife Zarrin Ghazal will arrive in Karachi with the deceased.

Omar Sharif’s son Jawad Omar said that his father’s funeral would be held at the premises of Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine.

He further said that Bashir Farooqi of Sailani Welfare would lead the funeral prayers.


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