Ronaldo Surpasses all other Footballers in the World in Football Earnings.

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LONDON: Portugal superstar Ronaldo has surpassed all other footballers in the world in terms of football earnings, with his traditional rivals Lionel Messi second and Brazil’s Neymar third.

Manchester United striker Ronaldo will have an annual income of 91 million British pounds or 20 billion rupees this year. Superstars will earn more than Rs 1.66 billion monthly.

Lionel Messi, who left Barcelona for PSG, will receive 80 million pounds (18 billion rupees) this year. Their monthly income will be Rs 1.5 billion.

Neymar and Mbappe are third and fourth. Neymar’s annual income will be around 12 billion rupees.

Mohamed Salah, who completed a century of goals for football club Liverpool, will have an annual income of just under Rs 7 billion.


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