Sarah Rabab of Burqa Avengers series dies in dangerous accident.

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Sarah Rabab, a lead graphic designer and artist who worked as a toddy animator at singer Haroon Rashid’s company Unicorn Black, died in a traffic accident.

Singer Haroon Rasheed shared the sad news of Sarah’s death on his official Instagram handle. He shared several photos of Sarah and said that

At Unicorn Black we are deeply saddened by the death of our shining young star Sarah Rabab in a traffic accident. Sarah was a very intelligent girl, positive and incredibly talented.

She joined the Unicorn Black team in 2012 as a young voiceover artist.

Haroon said that Sarah not only became the voice of Asho in the animated series Burqa Avenger but also the voice of Tania, the main character in Tattoo and Tania.

But after completing her degree in animation and graphic design, she became head of graphic design at UB and worked on several projects. The singer added that she was like a little sister to me at UB and a family member to all of us.

He added that Sarah’s voice in burqa Avenger and tattoos and Tania would continue to influence generations of young Pakistanis for many years to come.


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