Shafqat Cheema

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Nationality: Pakistani

Born: November 20, 1961

Age: 58 years

Gender: Male


Shafqat Cheema is a Pakistani actor and producer. With his career of more than three decades, he is known for playing villain roles and is dubbed as “Pakistan’s favourite villain”.


Shafqat graduated from the Jamia Naeemia religious school in 1974. He is the son of an Aalim (scholar), and is a Hafiz and Qari of the Quran.


Shafqat claims that his acting career began by coincidence, when he walked into the Shahnoor Studios. He then decided that he wanted to become a film actor. He struggled for almost 12 years before he was offered a side role in the film Kalka (1989), which also starred Sultan Rahi.


Film director, producer and screenwriter Nadeem Cheema is his brother and actors Sheharyar Cheema and Umar Cheema are his sons, who all participated on the 2017 movie Geo Sar Utha Kay, which he also produced.

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