The fishermen of Karachi suddenly became rich.

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Old saying that ” It doesn’t take long to turn around”.

Something similar happened to the poor fishermen of Karachi who suddenly became rich.

According to spokesperson Coastal Media Center yesterday,

A huge group of rare sea “diamond fish” was caught by fishermen in Ibrahim Haidari.

According to the agency, this fish is very rare and for some time it was very difficult to catch it in the net. Fishermen are expressing their excitement after finding a large group of rare fish.

It should be noted that the English name of this fish known as diamond fish is red snapper. Its skin is reddish on the outside while its flesh is white in color and quite tasty in taste while it does not have any smell.

This is the reason why people eat it very fondly. According to the fishermen, the price of this fish is 700 rupees per kg.


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