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Xu Jiayin, the esteemed chairman of Evergrande Group, has been a constant subject of intrigue and financial scrutiny in the dynamic realm of Chinese business tycoons. This article delves into the enthralling story of Xu Jiayin net worth, delving into the highs, lows, and intricate factors that have shaped his financial trajectory.

Early Life and Rise to Prominence:

Xu Jiayin was born on October 9, 1958, into a modest rural family in Jutaigang Village, Henan. His extraordinary journey from a small village to the pinnacles of corporate success is truly inspiring. Xu’s early experiences, having lost his mother at a young age and being raised by his paternal grandmother, set the groundwork for his perseverance and resilience.

After Xu graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Iron and Steel, he began his career as an entrepreneur. His first professional job at Wuyang Iron and Steel Company was the beginning of a career of rapid advancement. Leading positions at a number of businesses, such as Guangzhou Pengda Industrial Co., Ltd., helped Xu eventually launch the Evergrande Group in March 1997.

Quick Facts about Xu Jiayin Net Worth

Full NameHui Ka Yan (Xu Jiayin in Mandarin Chinese)
Date of BirthOctober 9, 1958
BirthplaceJutaigang Village, Gaoxian Township, Taikang County, Henan, China
Family BackgroundResigned in 1992, moved to Shenzhen, and joined trading company Zhongda; later became president of its branch office in Quanda.
EducationWuhan Institute of Iron and Steel (now Wuhan University of Science and Technology)
Early CareerWorked in a cement product factory and later as a production team leader before entering college.
Career TransitionJoined Wuyang Iron and Steel Company in 1982, serving in various roles, eventually becoming its director.
Move to ShenzhenResigned in 1992, moved to Shenzhen, and joined trading company Zhongda; later became president of its branch office Quanda.
EntrepreneurshipFounded Guangzhou Pengda Industrial Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou in 1994.
Evergrande GroupFounded Evergrande Group in March 1997, serving as its chairman.
Business VenturesThe owner of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club; announced a $6.4 billion investment in electric cars in 2019.
Financial Peak (2017)Net worth peaked at $45.3 billion, ranking third on Forbes’ 2020 list of the richest Chinese billionaires.
Financial Challenges (2021)Net worth dropped to $6.2 billion by December 2021, attributed to mounting debts and the Evergrande liquidity crisis.
Political EngagementBecame a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee in 2008.
Political Career GrowthPromoted to CPPCC National Committee’s Standing Committee in 2013; attended the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party in 2021.
Recent Challenges (2023)Born to a rural family; his father, a retired soldier, participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War; raised by his paternal grandmother after mother’s death.
Personal LifeTrading in Evergrande shares was suspended after reports of a police investigation into Xu Jiayin for suspicion of illegal activities.

Business Triumphs and Football Ventures:

Evergrande Group achieved unprecedented sales figures and became a real estate powerhouse under the astute leadership of Xu Jiayin. With RMB 450 billion in sales in 2017, the company proved once again how dominant it is in the Chinese real estate market. Xu’s business interests were not limited to real estate; as evidenced by his ownership of the Guangzhou Evergrande football club, he had a significant impact on the sports world.

Xu gained notoriety in 2019 when he invested a substantial $6.4 billion in electric vehicles, demonstrating his ability to anticipate market trends and adjust accordingly.

The Pinnacle and Subsequent Decline:

When Xu Jiayin reached the peak of his wealth in 2017, his net worth reached an incredible $45.3 billion, which put him in a prominent position on Forbes’ list of the richest Chinese billionaires. But in the years that followed, there was a sharp downturn, which was blamed on growing debt that was made worse by the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Xu’s net worth fell to $6.2 billion by December 2021 as a result of significant losses from the sale of personal assets during the Evergrande liquidity crisis. This decline was a pivotal point in Xu’s financial story, and observers in the industry began to pay close attention to what was happening.

Challenges, Controversies, and Police Investigation:

Unexpected difficulties for Xu Jiayin and Evergrande Group arose in 2023. Trading in Evergrande shares was halted on September 28 due to news that Xu was the subject of a police investigation over possible illegal activity. This development raised more questions than it answered and further complicated the already turbulent financial scene in Xu.

Political Dimensions:

Xu Jiayin’s entry into politics is significant in addition to the corporate world. After becoming a member of the CPPCC’s National Committee in 2008, he was promoted to the Standing Committee in 2013. But in 2022, the Evergrande scandal prevented him from attending important political events, demonstrating how closely he tied business and politics in his life.

Personal Life and Legacy:

Outside of the boardrooms and legislative chambers, Xu Jiayin’s private life provides an enthralling contrast to his commanding presence in the corporate world. Based on the principles instilled by his modest upbringing, Xu’s life story reveals the human side of a powerful business magnate.

Early Struggles and Resilience:

Xu experienced early hardships as a child in Jutaigang Village; at the age of eight months, his mother passed away from sepsis. Xu was raised by his paternal grandmother in the aftermath of the Second Sino-Japanese War, and his early years were characterized by the unwavering spirit he inherited from his father. These early setbacks helped him develop the resilience that would later stand out as a defining characteristic.

Family Ties and Love Story:

Ding Yumei, whom Xu Jiayin met while working at Wuyang Iron and Steel Company, provided him with comfort and companionship during the hectic times of his advancing career. Their love story is a perfect example of the enduring personal bonds that can withstand the ups and downs of public life, as it is based on shared experiences and a journey from modest beginnings. The couple’s strong partnership has persevered through difficult times in both business and politics.

Fatherhood and Domestic Bliss:

Xu Jiayin accepted the duties of fatherhood while leading the Evergrande Group and negotiating the complexities of Chinese politics. The couple has managed to carve out a sort of domestic bliss in their Guangzhou home amidst the chaos of corporate boardrooms, and they are blessed with two children. The contrast between a strong businessman and a family man experiencing the normal pleasures and difficulties of life lends Xu’s legacy a human touch.

Community Engagement and Philanthropy:

One aspect of Xu Jiayin that is sometimes eclipsed by his business ventures is his dedication to philanthropy and community involvement. Xu has stayed connected to the communities that shaped him, even at the height of his wealth. These communities were his rural upbringing. A commitment to giving back is demonstrated by the creation of charitable foundations and programs that focus on education and poverty alleviation, highlighting a desire to make a positive impact outside of the business world.

Balancing Act: Business, Politics, and Personal Life:

Maintaining a delicate balance while navigating the complexities of business, politics, and family life is necessary. The fact that Xu Jiayin can move between these domains illustrates a sophisticated strategy for success that takes into account the interdependence of the personal and professional spheres. The difficulties encountered in the Evergrande affair as well as his exclusion from political events highlight the fine balance needed to preserve a complex legacy.

Legacy in the Making:

The story of Xu Jiayin’s legacy is still being written as he manages the challenges of his personal and professional lives. His journey from a small rural village to the highest levels of Chinese politics and business is proof of the opportunities that arise from tenacity, foresight, and an unwavering devotion to one’s origins.

As Xu Jiayin’s life unfolds, his legacy transcends political affiliations and balance sheets, as evidenced by the lasting impact he has on the domains of business, politics, and family. It’s a legacy formed by life’s challenges, victories, and lasting human relationships that characterize Xu Jiayin, a man whose influence goes well beyond the boundaries of corporate power.


When the mystery surrounding Xu Jiayin‘s net worth growth is solved, a story of tenacity, flexibility, and the complex interaction of personal and professional domains emerges. The story of Xu Jiayin, from the height of financial success to the difficulties of the Evergrande crisis and a police investigation, is representative of the complexities involved in negotiating the unstable landscape of high-stakes business and politics.

FAQs about Xu Jiayin Net Worth

What led to the decline in Xu Jiayin’s net worth?

Xu Jiayin’s net worth witnessed a decline due to mounting debts exacerbated by the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and the Evergrande liquidity crisis.

Why was trading in Evergrande shares suspended in 2023?

Trading in Evergrande shares was suspended following reports of a police investigation into Xu Jiayin for suspicion of illegal activities.

How did Xu Jiayin contribute to the electric car industry?

In 2019, Xu Jiayin announced a significant investment of approximately $6.4 billion in electric cars, showcasing his foresight and adaptability to emerging market trends.

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